Victoria ISD Covid-19 Updates

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Statewide COVID-19 Planning Thoughtexchange

Victoria ISD is spearheading a statewide Thoughtexchange to ensure all staff and community members' choices are heard at this critical time. We anticipate state agencies will be able to use the data gathered through the Thoughtexchange for guidance as school districts across Texas navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

VISD is imploring parents, staff, and community members to participate in the Thoughtexchange. VISD parents and staff received notifications through email and text, asking to be a part of this valuable process; we seek the community's feedback.

“I am glad we are able to take a leading role in pandemic response and preparedness. I truly believe the voice of parents, teachers, and students helps us ensure the best decisions are being made,” stated Superintendent Dr. Quintin Shepherd.

To participate, visit

The process is very simple. The conversation has one question asking for your advice as school officials make decisions. After you select your region and role, share one or two thoughts and then consider and rate 20-30 thoughts of others based on how strongly you agree.

The question is: What are some important things school district officials need to consider as decisions are being made about COVID-19 and school closures in the months ahead?

Be part of the statewide conversation on how VISD and other school districts are responding to COVID-19. To make the best possible decisions, your leaders need your voice.